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Marcus Akuhata-Brown

Marcus Akuhata-Brown


Marcus Akuhata-Brown will stimulate, entertain and inspire you with his powerful message and creative style of delivery – he tells of how glass lids of low expectation and achievement were lifted off his life and how, through positive encouragement, intuitive goal setting as well as having the courage to break out of comfort zones, led to a life of excitement, adventure and purpose.

Marcus motivates and inspires people to hit higher levels of performance and they leave his presentation with a fresh perspective on life. He’s gifted communicator and has travelled the world extensively – he’s done everything from meeting the Queen and dining with members of the Roya; family to working with the poor and marginalised in countries around the world.

Marcus grew up on the East Coast – he’s a qualified teacher and has led a number of innovative alternative education programmes addressing the learning needs of youth at risk and young offenders. Over the past 7 years, Marcus has travelled all over the world as both a national and international representative. He founded a global consultancy in 2000 and is currently involved in a number of education and training initiatives. He is also the previous director on the international board of CIVICUS and member of the Commonwealth Youth Caucus.

Feedback from Marcus’ presentations is exceptional – from one client … ‘Marcus is the most fantastic, brilliant, inspiring & entertaining speaker I have ever head’