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21st NZGS National Symposium 
24-26 March 2021, Dunedin

*Workshop & Field Study 23 & 24 March, begins in Queenstown

“Good Grounds for the Future”

The 21st Symposium of the New Zealand Geotechnical Society will take place between 24 and 26 March 2021 in Dunedin. In this Symposium we will strive to explore the challenges and opportunities of our future, by learning from the failures and achievements of our past.

Symposium theme

The theme of the Symposium is inspired by the profound changes currently experienced internationally and in New Zealand:

  • Natural disasters associated with climate change effects are becoming increasingly frequent and severe.
  • The learnings from the recent Canterbury and Kaikoura seismic events are shifting our thinking in New Zealand with respect to the way we perceive and address the seismic risk.
  • Increasing urbanism and growth of population around the cities create more needs for capacity and resiliency of lifelines.
  • The fragile international economy is limiting available resources, and potential changes in insurance practices and cover policies require a different approach in achieving resilience for our communities.

These are pressing future challenges for the geotechnical profession, but also great opportunities. The profession is playing a key role in achieving sustainability for our built environment and communities.

At the same time, new technologies, such as intelligent real-time remote monitoring systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and computer power create new capabilities. New wireless communication technologies enable dissemination of knowledge and collaboration, without geographical or other barriers. New regulation and guidelines framework provide an invaluable tool for benchmarking geotechnical engineering practice.

Our past failures and achievements can provide invaluable learnings and assist us in preparing for future challenges and in making the most future opportunities.

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