Wellbeing & Public Policy  • 5th–7th September 2018 • Wellington, New Zealand

Carla Anne Houkamau

Carla Houkamau

Carla Houkamau
Associate Professor in the Department of Management and International Business & Associate Dean for Māori and Pacific Development for the Business School, University of Auckland

Māori economic choices: What does ‘Māori achieving success as Māori’ look like?


Being of mixed Māori and Pākehā descent Carla holds a deep personal interest in the history of Māori-Pākehā relations and promoting cultural understanding. Her current research focuses mainly on intergroup relations, chiefly how group memberships influence attitudes and behaviour.

Her publications typically examine how identity helps reproduce socio-economic inequalities but can be leveraged to address them. Reflecting her role in the Business School her work has broadened to include diversity management, identity economics and implicit bias.

Her research using the Multidimensional Model of Māori identity and Cultural Engagement (MMM-ICE) has been recognised nationally and internationally for advancing ethnic identity research using psychometric measures and large samples.

Special Interests:

  • Diversity management, inter-cultural communication, cross-cultural management
  • Psychological (particularly social psychological) understandings of identity.

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