VR Informal 4

Vaughan Robertson

Are robots really scary or the best friend we never had? What is the Singularity – and Quantum Computing – and BCI? … and will Artificial Intelligence take over from humans?

In today’s world we are continually assailed with increasingly rapid changes in technology and software applications. It is hard to keep appraised of what is relevant, a passing fad, fake or truly disruptive. 

Vaughan Robertson is Group Manager – Technology Strategy for Beca. Appointed as “Technical Fellow in Emerging Technologies” in 2018, and as designated Futurist for Beca, he researches and monitors the fast-changing digital environment, analysing potential impacts on Beca and Beca’s clients, and assessing appropriate timing for investment in new technologies. 

These areas encompass a wide array of “disruptive” technologies, including Artificial Intelligence; Augmented Reality; Drones; Brain Computer Interfaces; the “Internet of Things”; Blockchain and Quantum Computing, among many others.

Vaughan will showcase a number of areas of significant interest and provide some real-life examples of technologies that are impacting our work and personal lives.