Professor Jeroen Douwes

Centre for Public Health Research (CPHR), Massey University

Professor Jeroen Douwes is the Director of the Centre for Public Health Research (CPHR), Massey University, Wellington, and an epidemiologist recognised for his work on asthma and indoor and occupational health. He is also the Director of a $5.6M New Zealand Health Research Council-funded Programme Grant on Interventions to Reduce Occupational Disease which incorporates exposure assessment and the development and testing of interventions in solvent, silica and pesticide exposed workers.

Dr. Andrea ’t Mannetje

Associate Professor
CPHR, Massey University

Andrea ’t Mannetje is an Associate Professor at CPHR, Massey University. She is an epidemiologist particularly interested in the occupational risk factors for cancer, and worked at the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France, before coming to New Zealand in 2003.

Dr David McLean

Senior Research Fellow
CPHR, Massey University

Dr David McLean is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Health Research at Massey University, with expertise in occupational exposure assessment and epidemiology. He is a member of the Occupational Health Advisory Group to the Board of WorkSafe New Zealand and also the National Secretary of the International Commission on Occupational Health.

Dr Amanda Eng

Research Officer
CPHR, Massey University

Dr Amanda Eng is a Research Officer at CPHR with an interest in occupational and environmental health and cancer epidemiology. Her doctoral thesis was based on the first survey of occupational exposures and health effects in the New Zealand population, and her current research is on occupational health and national meta-data, including a study examining occupational risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Professor Chris Cunningham

Director of the Māori Health Research Programme (Te Pūmanawa Hauora)
Research Centre for Māori Health and Development (RCMHD), Massey University Professor

Chris Cunningham is Director of the Māori Health Research Programme (Te Pūmanawa Hauora) within the Research Centre for Māori Health and Development (RCMHD) at Massey University, and a co-investigator on the Interventions to Reduce Occupational Disease programme grant.

Professor Philippa Gander

Director of the Sleep/Wake Research Centre
Moe Tika-Moe Pai, Massey University Professor

Philippa Gander is Director of the Sleep/Wake Research Centre, Moe Tika-Moe Pai, Massey University. She is internationally recognised for work on the physiological factors underlying fatigue-related performance impairment and for implementation of innovative fatigue risk management approaches, and has a particular interest in advancing and applying scientific knowledge to develop new solutions to the health and safety challenges generated by current trends to restrict sleep and increase 24/7 work.

Dr Hayley Denison

Research Fellow
CPHR, Massey University

Hayley Denison is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Health Research. She recently completed her PhD at Victoria University of Wellington, which explored STI testing behaviours. Prior to moving
to New Zealand, Hayley worked for the University of Southampton in the UK from 2007 to 2013 on a longitudinal birth cohort study. Hayley is experienced in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, and enjoys teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her current work involves exploring occupational risk factors for cardiovascular disease using the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI).

Dr Sunia Foliaki

Public Health Physician
CPHR, Massey University

Sunia Foliaki is a public health physician by training. His research focus is among Pacific populations both in New Zealand and in the Pacific islands. His research covers a number of Pacific public health studies including the epidemiology of cancer and asthma. He is also working closely with Pacific islands countries on food security policies and programmes and conducts regional consultancies with Pacific islands ministries of health on non-communicable diseases in general, and specifically on the establishment of cancer registries in the Pacific. His research contributes to policy and the development of evidence based guidelines to improving health care for Pacific people in New Zealand.

Dr Marine Corbin

CPHR, Massey University

Marine is a Biostatistician at the Centre for Public Health Research, Massey University. She has the equivalent of an MSc from the “Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Analyse de l’Information” (France) and completed a PhD on the application of Bayesian methods to address multiple comparisons and misclassification bias in occupational case-control studies at Massey University in 2015. She has previously worked at the Cancer Epidemiology Unit of the University of Turin, Italy and she is currently involved in different occupational health projects at the Centre for Public Health Research including occupational risk factors for cardiovascular disease and respiratory symptoms in cleaners.