This year's forum is focused around Assets, Opportunities and Innovation in the asset management aspect of the electricity business.

It brings together the technical knowledge and experience of New Zealand professionals, with the development work the EEA's Asset Management Group (AMG) has been progressing through the year.

The asset management forum is less formal than the main conference, and an abstract and written paper are not required to present. Presentations can vary in length from 5 minutes to an hour, depending on content.

The forum is designed and structured as workshops and panel discussions to prompt discussion and engagement on improving asset management practices in our industry, by sharing knowledge and fostering industry collaboration.

The Agenda

The agenda for the forum is currently under construction and we welcome suggested topics and presentations from our members. This year's draft agenda is exciting and covers current assets and condition, then looks at the opportunities that are in the near future, finally the opportunity to see some of the innovation that is being undertaken in our industry.

Please contact [email protected] with any suggestions and feedback.

Current topics

Day one (full day)

  • Reflections from the engineering team (Commerce Commission)
  • Asset Criticality guide
    • Discussion-What it takes to implement good Asset criticality?
  • Conductor testing-CA tools, Lab tests, scope and standards, Failure modes
  • Overhead line design Hand Book 331- What you need to know
  • Industry Health & Safety update
  • ENA network transformation
  • What is 5G all about? (Spark)
  • EV Charger connection guidelines (Worksafe)
  • Engineering & Technical professional development working group-- What are the issues you see in industry now and future?
  • LV Network management self-review: Guide review, what should be included?
  • AMG work achievements and workplan

Day two (half day)

  • Asset information
  • Work Order Risk Prioritisation (WORP) using Machine Learning
  • Predictive analytics
  • LoRaWAN Trials
  • Resilience guide progress update

For further details and to register for the forum, please click here.

Please note, registration for the Asset Management Forum is separate to the conference registration.