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2019 Congress for Botanic Gardens Australia & New Zealand Inc

Plants from the past: plants for the future
20-23 October 2019

Wellington, New Zealand

Plants have brought Australasian Botanic Gardens together through BGANZ every 2 years since 2003.

They have canvassed a range of roles and perceived roles for botanic gardens.

They have been about education, conservation, their roles in communities and any number of shades of these themes.

2019 returns to basics - it is all about the plants. Science, education, recreation, conservation, community outreach - they are all dependent on plants

Botanic gardens were established to gather plants for economic purposes, for medicinal purposes then alongside private collectors for the joy and privilege that plants can bring.

As we have become increasingly urbanised 55% of the world's population now lives in cities people, have increasingly lost touch with plants as the staple of life. Where they come from, their myriad of benefits to people, their contribution to the liveability of our cities.

Botanic gardens have a critical role now and in the future. They are the resources and the leaders in the protection of plants, in advocating for plants and for making visible the plant services which we depend on.

In the face of climate change, Botanic Gardens have a key role in fostering plant communities, to understand the adaptations need and to ring the warning bells of climate change ever more loudly. Plant species some of whose services to us are unknown, unrealised or unimagined may be lost unless Botanic Gardens continue to take and escalate their leading roles through resources they have. To advocate for our plants and landscapes, make the connection between wheat and Weetbix, pines and paper, their role in providing us with clean water, for the love of plants for our health and wellbeing, for future generations and for the welfare of our planet.

Join us in Wellington to take part in a key gathering of the Botanic Garden community as we celebrate the past, appreciate the present and plan for the future.

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